Scholarships for International Students in Europe

Scholarships for International Students in Europe

Are you an international student interested in scholarships for International students in Europe due to financial constraint?

Don’t fear; there are several scholarships available to help overseas students like you achieve their academic objectives while remaining financially secure.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll look at the many scholarships for international students in Europe, as well as the eligibility requirements, application procedures, and perks for foreign students. 


1. Erasmus+ Scholarships: Promoting Global Education. 

The Erasmus+ program is a beacon of worldwide education partnership, providing scholarships to students, researchers, and staff members from many nations.

This initiative encourages cultural interchange and intellectual advancement by offering financial assistance for studying, training, or working in Europe. 

Eligibility criteria for Erasmus+ scholarships: 

To qualify for Erasmus+ scholarships, candidates must: 

  • Be a citizen of an Erasmus+ program country or one of its partners. 
  • Be enrolled or linked with a participating institution. 
  • Meet program-specific academic criteria. 

Application Process for Erasmus+ Scholarships: 

The application procedure often includes: 

  • Applicants may apply via either their home university or directly to the hosting institution. 
  • Submitting required documentation, including academic transcripts, letters of reference, and a well-written motivation letter. 
  • Participating in interviews or evaluations as specified by the program. 


2. The Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program is well-known for encouraging mutual understanding and cultural exchange by awarding scholarships to overseas students, academics, and professionals.

These scholarships enable students to study, research, or teach in the United States and other European nations, boosting worldwide intellectual cooperation. 

Eligibility requirements 

The eligibility requirements for Fulbright grants vary per program, but commonly include: 

  • Showed academic brilliance. 
  • Leadership potential and dedication to community service. 
  • Meeting Fulbright’s program-specific standards. 

Application Process for Fulbright Scholarships: 

Applicants need to: 

  • Examine particular program criteria and deadlines. 
  • Fill and submit the online application form, together with any required papers. 
  • Participate in interviews or evaluations as part of the hiring process. 


3. DAAD Scholarships for International Education in Germany 

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) award several scholarships to overseas students across all academic levels and disciplines of study.

These scholarships are designed to entice exceptional persons to study in Germany, promoting academic achievement and international cooperation. 

Eligibility criteria for DAAD scholarships: 

Eligibility requirements for DAAD scholarships vary per program, but often include: 

  • Academic credentials and accomplishments. 
  • Language competence (often in German or English). 
  • Research ideas for research-related scholarships. 

Application Process for DAAD Scholarships: 

The application procedure often includes: 

  • Check the DAAD website for relevant scholarship programs and their qualifying requirements. 
  • Prepare and submit a thorough application package that includes academic transcripts, letters of reference, and, if necessary, a research proposal. 
  • Waiting for news of selection results and any further instructions from DAAD. 


4. Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening Scholarships, financed by the UK government, are distinguished grants given to outstanding people with leadership potential.

These scholarships pay tuition, living expenses, and other associated expenditures for postgraduate study in the United Kingdom. 

Eligibility requirements for Chevening Scholarships: 

The eligibility requirements for Chevening scholarships include: 

  • Citizenship from a Chevening-eligible nation. 
  • Having a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. 
  • demonstrating leadership characteristics, academic proficiency, and a clear professional path. 

Application Process for Chevening Scholarships: 

Applicants need to: 

  • Apply online via the Chevening website during the stated application period. 
  • Submit all relevant papers, including academic transcripts, letters of reference, and a compelling personal statement. 
  • Participate in the selection process, which includes interviews and examinations. 


5. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program for Excellence in French Education. 

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program, run by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, provides scholarships to overseas students pursuing master’s and doctorate degrees in France. These scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, and other necessary charges, making studying in France more affordable for overseas students. 

Eligibility criteria for Eiffel scholarships: 

Eligibility requirements for Eiffel scholarships usually include: 

  • Nomination from a French higher education institution. 
  • Enroll in a master’s or doctorate program in France. 
  • Meeting program-specific academic and linguistic competency standards. 

Application Process for Eiffel Scholarships: 

The applicants must: 

  • Apply to the French institution that recommended them for the scholarship. 
  • Submit all relevant papers, including academic transcripts, research proposals (for PhD programs), and language competence certifications. 
  • Wait for notice of the selection results, and then follow any subsequent program instructions. 


6. The Rhodes Scholarship: Pursuing Excellence at Oxford


The Rhodes Scholarships, managed by the Rhodes Trust, are full scholarships for overseas students to study at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

These scholarships are very distinguished and seek to develop future leaders via world-class education and various cultural experiences. 

Eligibility criteria for Rhodes scholarships: 

  • Citizenship from a Rhodes-eligible nation. 
  • A solid academic record and leadership potential. 
  • The Rhodes Trust has set particular conditions. 

Application Process for Rhodes Scholarships: 

  • Submit a completed application that includes academic transcripts, letters of reference, and a personal statement. 
  • Take part in interviews and evaluations done by the Rhodes Trust. 
  • Show your dedication to making a positive impact in your area of study and beyond. 


7. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Education in Switzerland

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships, administered by the Swiss Federal Commission for Scholarships (FCS) for Foreign Students, give financial assistance to overseas students pursuing research or postgraduate education in Switzerland.

These scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, and other associated expenditures. 

Eligibility criteria for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships: 

  • Citizenship from a nation with which Switzerland has diplomatic ties. 
  • Acceptance to a Swiss university or research institute. 
  • Fulfillment of particular academic standards established by the Swiss university and the FCS. 

Application Process for Swiss Government Excellence. Scholarships: 

  • Apply to the Swiss institution or research organization where you want to study or conduct research. 
  • Submit all relevant documentation, including academic transcripts, research ideas, and letters of recommendation. 
  • Follow the application deadlines and instructions established by the FCS and the appropriate Swiss institution. 


8. Amsterdam Merit Scholarships for Academic Excellence in the Netherlands. 

The University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands awards the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship to excellent non-EU/EEA students studying bachelor’s or master’s degrees. These scholarships pay tuition and may also include a grant for living costs. 

Eligibility Criteria for the Amsterdam Merit Scholarships: 

  • Non-EU/EEA citizenship. 
  • Admission to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program at the University of Amsterdam. 
  • Academic achievement and the aptitude to contribute to the university community have been shown. 

The Application Process for Amsterdam Merit Scholarships: 

  • Apply for admission to one of the University of Amsterdam’s qualifying programs. 
  • Fill and submit the scholarship application form, together with the needed papers (academic transcripts, a curriculum vitae, and a motivation letter). 
  • Await notification of scholarship prizes and admission outcomes. 


9. Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships: Research Opportunities in Scotland. 

The Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships, sponsored by the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, help overseas students pursue PhD studies.

These scholarships pay tuition and provide a stipend for living costs throughout the study term. 

Eligibility criteria for the Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships: 

  • Admission to a doctorate research programme at the University of Edinburgh. 
  • Proven research potential and academic accomplishments. 
  • Meeting specified qualifying requirements established by the institution and the scholarship program. 

Application Process for Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships: 

  • Apply for admission to the University of Edinburgh’s PhD research program. 
  • Submit a separate scholarship application with research plans, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation. 
  • Participate in the university’s selection interviews and exams. 


10. Gates Cambridge Scholarships: Advance Global Leadership at Cambridge 

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships, financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, provide full tuition to overseas students pursuing postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

These scholarships are given based on academic achievement, leadership potential, and a desire to solve global issues. 

Eligibility Criteria for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships: 

  • Non-U.K. citizenship. 
  • Admission to a postgraduate course at the University of Cambridge. 
  • Academic and leadership accomplishments have been shown, as well as a strong dedication to make a good difference in the world. 

Application Process for Gates Cambridge scholarships: 

  • Apply for admission to one of the University of Cambridge’s qualifying postgraduate programs. 
  • Submit a separate scholarship application with academic transcripts, letters of reference, and a research project or personal statement. 
  • Participate in the Gates Cambridge Trust’s selection interviews and evaluations. 

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Conclusion: Scholarships for International Students in Europe

Scholarships for international students in Europe play an important role in making great education more accessible and inclusive.

By researching and applying for these scholarships, foreign students may expand their educational journeys, obtain useful experiences, and contribute to global intellectual cooperation.

To increase your chances of success, thoroughly understand the qualifying requirements and application procedures for each scholarship program.

Accept the chances that scholarships provide and make your academic goals a reality in the lively and diversified environment of European education. 


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